A smooth lake rises in the narrow Three Gorges endowing Wanzhou with the grandeur of a vast lake.
As the distribution center and important destination of the Three Gorges tourism, Wanzhou distinguishes itself with its long history and culture
There are Xishan bell tower, Xishan Park, 17th wharf, Nanmenkou square, music square, hongshaqi, Nanbin Park, sanshengyouxing square, yinghuadu Park, integrating leisure sports, traditional folk art, modern music art, wetland park, etc
thriving and developing by virtue of the water, thus forming a unique urban style of "the city is on the mountains, the river is through the city, and the people are among the mountains and the river"
he Three Gorges Lake City Tourist Area was rated as one of the “Ten New Tourism Landscapes within the New Three Gorges Area” by CCTV.

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